The The role of diffusion weighted imaging in magnetic resonance to evaluate breast masses

Keywords: Magnetic resonance imaging, diffusion, breast masses


Aim: To investigate the role of diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in differentiation of benign and malignant breast lesions using apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values preoperatively.

Methods: A total of 30 women between the ages of 14-75 years (mean, 47, 6 years) with 30 histopathologically verified breast lesions were investigated in this study. The patients were examined by a 1, 5 T MRI device using bilateral phased array breast coil. Spin echo planar diffusion imaging was used to scan patients. Images were obtained by b values 0 and 500 seconds/mm². Mean ADC values of the benign and malignant lesions were measured and calculated. The comparison between the histopathological diagnoses and the mean ADCs were performed by Mann Whitney U test.

Results: The diagnosis of 30 patients with 30 breast lesions were as follows; malign lesions (n=13), benign lesions (n=17). The ADC values were as follows (in units of 10-3mm² /sec): benign breast lesions (range: 1, 09-1, 98, mean: 1, 45) and malignant breast lesions (range: 0, 59-1, 08, mean: 0, 76). The mean ADC obtained from malignant breast lesions was statistically different from that observed in benign solid lesions (p<0, 01).

Conclusion: Diffusion imaging can be used in differentiation of malign and benign breast lesions.